June 12, 2015

Everything Starts With Tea

Teapot 2What better way to start the day? Whether its to meet up with the girls, rekindle an old relationship, establish new friendships or solving the problems in the world….. a good cuppa can help your day a better one.

Just Grand! offers not only Yorkshire tea, but a vast array of loose leaf blended teas from around the globe – our supplier has over 90 different flavours and we are gradually putting more popular ones on our menu to let our customers sample the very best of British tradition of drinking tea as it should be drunk.  Served in vintage china teapots, teacups and saucers, accompanied by a vintage tea strainers and a little kettle timer to ensure the blend is just ‘ah’ right!  Here’s a sample of our tea menu to whet your appetite, although we are constantly adding to this….