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Welcome to Just Grand! – There are a few things that are quintessentially British. Tradition, tea drinking, home baking, good old fashioned service, a warm welcome and family ideals are among them.

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Tea Process


Measure a level scoop of loose leaf tea

Put measure into a Bine China Teapot and cover with hot boiling water

Cover the Teapot and let the loose leaf sit for 3-4mins

Prepare a Bone China teacup, saucer and strainer

Pour the Tea into the cup and serve whilst hot.

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How to Prepare
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Green Tea
Herbal Infusions
White Tea
Yorkshire Tea

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Luxury ingredients are all brought together to provide the best speciality tea, trusted Yorkshire tea, homemade cake, or scone with butter, REAL clotted cream and jam!

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Jody McDonald

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